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Oscar Zensei González  
Monterrey Guitarrist, but with national and international impact.

Like most children, Oscar Gonzalez dreamed of being an astronaut. His love and enthusiasm for music appeared, what seemed to be “quite late,” he was between twelve and thirteen years old. As he grew older he also studied different disciplines, established an advertising agency and ran various bars and restaurants, but in his heart he really knew he was a musician, guitarist and composer and he finally made the decision to dedicate his life to music.

Oscar says he was always attracted to music and liked it so much but just listening was not satisfying or fulfilling enough, he had to play. As in most Mexican homes, there was a guitar; if there had been a piano, he would have become a pianist, or trumpet player; his father bought him a trumpet, so he could take part in the War Band at school.

Then he taught himself to play rock music, in fact, he was already performing as professional at social events when he entered the School of Music at Regiomontana University. His nascent love for jazz and classical music made him aware that without formal musical studies he would not realize his full potential.


Interestingly, his father, a businessman and politician, never considered the possibility of having a son as a professional musician. When Oscar revealed his intentions, he could have literally burned Troy to the ground.

Although Oscar is now an extremely accomplished and versatile musician, playing many styles, Jazz is his real musical home, which offers him the most satisfying and exciting forums for self expression.

Oscar remembers the times with great affection when he played as guest artist with various European ensembles that came and played in Monterrey; he also remembers fondly, the successful performances and two albums with the band Seven Changes. He did not feel entirely satisfied with these recordings, but acknowledges the valuable experience, because, at the time, they came out naturally and spontaneously. For Oscar, respecting the natural process is very important. Incidentally, the name Seven Changes refers to the sacred number of cosmic order and of man, together with the only the only universal constant which is forever changing.

Composition, he maintains, is his true vocation, which he finds it relatively easy, but believes that talent should be accompanied by serious discipline. His approach has always been through the critical process and does not consider himself implacable, but objective.

Oscar has also had a special interest in oriental philosophies, devoting almost the same amount of time to their study as to his music. He entered several schools like the Theosophical society, Gnostic, Metaphysics, and Fourth Way, etc., as well as studying astrology, systemic psychology, politics and business. He maintains that a true artist should have a wide cultural understanding and an open mind and says it will make him a stronger person, able to explore the boundaries of knowledge, wisdom and sensitivity.

Oscar, in parallel to his artistic activity, produces buys and sells shows. He had never thought about being an entrepreneur until 2005, when his son was three years old. Little Andres, who already read music and gave his first piano recital, did not seem to be interested in following his father’s musical path, until now.

One day, on the road from Guadalajara to Monterrey, “Zensei” began to consider the possibility of producing his ideal album. He had worked very hard crafting his music and was convinced he had enough talent to do so. The time was right, and he wrote down the names of the musicians with whom he wanted to record, the list included, David Liebman, Jack Wilkins and Ralph Alessi, which, after all, were the three special guests for the project.

"Fortunately things were relatively simple. To achieve something in life, you must first think you deserve it, and then you have to take steps accordingly and focus on the outcome. "

Oscar Gonzalez does not like to be compared with others, doesn’t worry about criticism or even engages in trivial gossip. With over 20 years of experience behind him, he just created the recording to a standard and a quality he wanted, respecting himself, fellow musicians and the public.

He identifies with guitarist colleagues who play electric or acoustic guitars equally well; some may criticize him for favoring the Fender Stratocaster, but again he states that it’s necessary to pass over these categories because it is the musician that gives the instrument its voice and soul.

It was a huge privilege and delight to have been present at the recording of ‘Psychodrama’. When you hear his music I am sure you will agree that Oscar Gonzalez is destined for an enormous global success, it cannot be any other way. It is clear that Oscar has metaphorically achieved his early childhood ambition of becoming a musical astronaut and without leaving earth’s atmosphere!

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